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Unlock the world of IoT innovation with Makers Ally's IoT Kit Courses. Learn to build smart devices and connect them to the Internet of Things in hands-on, guided tutorials.

Makers Ally IoT Kit

₹ 999

Internet of Things (IoT) finds its application in industries that prefers automation, energy efficient systems, smart devices etc. Even reports state that more than 50 Billion devices will be connected with IoT by 2020. But learning IoT is not very simple, as the system works on complex procedures and modules. The best way to learn IoT is by building projects and learning while doing it.

What Our Students Have to Say

“And just like any company that blissfully ignored the Internet at the turn of the century, the ones that dismiss the Internet of Things risk getting left behind.”
- Jared Newman
“If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!”
- Brendan O’Brien
“The Internet of Things is not a concept; it is a network, the true technology-enabled Network of all networks.”
- Edewede Oriwoh